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Alexis & Andrea Nahuma

Patty Cohen was personally recommended to us when we were seeking a realtor to purchase a home in San Diego. We have just closed escrow and have had such a wonderful experience with Patty that we wanted to share it. Patty has exceeded every expectation with her knowledge of San Diego, her expertise in real property deals, her patience and responsiveness. Of particular note, she did not try to ascribe popular taste to us, and “got” us right away, knowing, after a very short amount of time, what we were looking for. This is unprecedented for us, as all other realtors that we had dealt with previously would purposefully tell us how nice the granite countertops were, or how large the master bedroom is, when these are items that we specifically communicated we were not seeking or did not want. Patty understood what we were looking for right away, and previewed so many houses for us that we lost count. Two houses we visited we put offers on. One we withdrew from as a result of the inspection, and Patty was right back on it, sending us suggestions and following up on a house that we had visited and loved but dismissed as too far above our budget. Patty proactively reached out to Seller’s broker to determine the level of interest on that second house, and encouraged us to put in an offer at our budgeted price, while we waited for a response, Patty managed our anxieties (we really wanted that house by that point) and kept us informed of her communications with Seller’s broker. She negotiated the price, with our guidelines on budget, and after a few back and forths we got the house at the price we were comfortable with! We couldn’t be happier, especially since the list price was significantly above our sale price. We just closed, and are just delighted. We highly recommend Patty; her service could honestly not be any better. As we say in France, “c’est une perle!” (she is a pearl!)