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L. Michael and Pamela Foley

During one’s lifetime one finds a few individuals that offer truly outstanding service. It is a pleasure to recommend the team of Susana Corrigan and her sister Patty Cohen. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling a home in La Jolla, California, you can’t go wrong with this team.

First and foremost, they are extremely knowledgeable about the market. As one of the top real estate teams in La Jolla, (many years I believe they were the top brokers), they are directly involved in a substantial number of transactions. Beyond that, they have an extensive network of professionals in the business that regularly share market knowledge. Over our years in La Jolla we have met many of the competing brokers, and have not found one that didn’t rave about how they loved working with Susana or Patty. This is a very unique response in a very competitive profession.

Second, they provide thoughtful and relevant advice. Susana’s standard, that she regularly repeats, is “What advice would I give to my family in the same situation?” To her, serving her clients seems to have a much higher priority than doing any specific transaction. In fact, it was her knowledge of the market, and realistic advice that attracted us to enlist her services in the sale of our home. She was also of tremendous help in the final negotiation process.

Third, they are outstanding communicators. Unlike many brokers once they have a listing, Susana and Patty regularly (and we mean at least weekly, and frequently daily) communicated what was going on not only with our property, but what was happening in the market with comparable homes.

Fourth, they are very detail focused, one might even say obsessive (and that is a good thing). Every detail of a transaction is carefully monitored, every “i” dotted, and every ‘t’ crossed. The entire team including the office staff stays on top of all the paperwork, making sure that responsibilities are fulfilled and schedules met.

And finally and most important, when one is on the selling end, they are outstanding at getting your property before the buyers in the market. Here they are willing to do what is necessary to present the product (great pictures, good internet placement, and sufficient well placed advertising). This plus they put forth an intensive marketing effort using a great rolodex of other brokers in all the high-end markets in San Diego (here is where those great relationships pay off), and past customers who might, with a little prompting, be thinking about trading up or downsizing, or just ready for a change. The combination produced powerful results. In our case, we believe every eligible buyer looking for a property like ours toured the property.

Besides all these attributes, both Susana and Patty are exceptionally nice people and a pleasure with whom to work. We can’t recommend them more highly and would be pleased to respond to a call from anyone who would like more details regarding our experience.