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The Baluja Family

When working with most people, you take the bad with the good and hope that it all works out in the end. Working with Patty Cohen wasn’t like that. We enjoyed every one of our interactions with her! We are experienced real-estate buyers and sellers and have worked with over 12 realtors in the last 15 years. Patty is at the very top of our list. Her experience is fantastic and negotiating skills superb. Her knowledge of the SD area is amazing, but equally important to us is her knowledge of other Realtors — an often undervalued asset by most home buyers and sellers. Knowledge of other Realtors and how they work is key to understanding how to close a deal with a positive outcome. Beyond professional interactions, ‘Aunt Patty’ became a favorite of our kids, and they, like us, look forward to spending time with her. Whenever we buy a new home, it will unquestionably be with Patty, but until then, we plan to do our best to keep in contact with a new friend.